A Faded Sunset - Free Lightroom Preset

What does it mean, a Lightroom split tone? This free preset is an unforgettable visual example, and you can bring its stylish tones to your own photos in seconds.

Catch the before side of the preview – it’s a pretty photo, but it’s a shadowy capture of a fading sunset. Then, notice the right side with the preset applied. This Lightroom split tone preset makes any late sunset photo into a spectacular work of vintage art. In essence, split tones serve up small doses of color in the background areas of an image; this manifests in the shadows, highlights, and corners.

If you look closely, you’ll see the finished product with this preset isn’t merely black-and-white, or even sepia. You’ll see flashes of color spread throughout, giving it an elegant, almost metallic shine. It’s almost as if your new photos were captured on film decades ago and preserved carefully in an album. But as with all Lightroom presets, you can add these unforgettable effects to any shot in mere seconds.