Slumberland - Free Lightroom Preset

Lightroom presets free are a budget-friendly way to edit photos in unique and creative ways. Working with a portrait and trying for a sunkissed, airy look? Slumberland is your new best friend, and it’s available right here, right now, for free.

Slumberland ramps up highlights and lengthens the exposure of your favorite portrait shots. If you want a bright image, use these Lightroom presets free. It’s also a powerful tool to use if you find yourself with a shot that’s too shadowy and dark to share. This one packs a punch, and like any LR preset, it works with just one click.

Think of this one as a way to edit photos to look like they belong on an indie album cover. Gorgeous, retro-inspired hues and tones appear as if by magic. This is the true power of Lightroom presets free. You do the creative work of capturing beautiful photos, and then style them in fantastic ways thanks to presets in Adobe Lightroom.