Seeped in Sepia - Free Lightroom Preset

Remember the old photos you looked at as a kid? Or the gorgeous visuals you might encounter in a museum? Odds are, these were in sepia tones, the faded hue old photos take on. But you might not know that you can apply this effect to any photo that you capture yourself!

Seeped in Sepia is a Lightroom sepia preset that lets you add a timeless sense of elegant class to any photo. It injects sepia hues where once your camera captured fresh and bright colors. The real goal of sepia hues is to fade noise and clutter into the background, making your subject stand out.

You can use this on landscapes and portraits alike. A Lightroom sepia preset belongs in every photographer’s toolbox, and this is a free one you can edit with today. Notice especially its power in portraits: where the model blends with her background in the preview, she stands out from it with the powerful Lightroom sepia preset applied.