Revel in the charm of yesteryear with Limograph, a free Lightroom preset that redefines your images with a classic, soft black and white style. Capturing the essence of old-school photography, Limograph infuses each photo with a graceful monochrome and a gentle contrast.

This preset pays homage to the silver halide film era, delivering subtlety in tones and a smooth gradient from the whites to blacks. Exploring the grey spectrum, Limograph softens your subject's features and the surroundings, creating a soothing yet profound visual experience.

Limograph is the ideal Lightroom preset for those who appreciate the timeless narrative that black and white photography provides. It's not just an edit; it's a step back into a world where light and shadow tell the story, offering a serene pause in the rush of modern colorful imagery. Utilize Limograph to craft images that exude the quiet elegance of the past.