Lightroom Look - How to Install Lightroom Presets

Here at Lightroom Look, we have a growing library of amazing Lightroom presets! Basically, Lightroom presets are collected settings that are configured in advance. You can use them to apply the same edits or adjustments to your photos. And you can do it in a single click! You don’t have to do manual edits over and over.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite free Lightroom preset, you’ll need to install it in Lightroom. It’s super easy! Let’s learn how.

Step 1. Download a Lightroom Preset Free

Our presets work for Adobe Lightroom Classic. To use them, you’ll need a Lightroom Classic subscription via Adobe Creative Cloud. Our presets here are always free, and you can use them with all of your photos!

Explore our collection of presets and choose one to download. Here, let’s use Lushify. Jump to this stunning preset’s landing page here ( or choose your own from our collection. 

Caption: Choose a free Lightroom preset from our library and click Download!

To download this beautiful preset Lightroom free, click Download. That’s all it takes!

Step 2. Open Lightroom Classic

With your preset downloaded, open Lightroom Classic. When you do, you’ll be taken to your Library. Here, you’ll see your image catalog previewed.

Caption: Launch Adobe Lightroom Classic to import and use presets free.

Step 3. Import Your Free Lightroom Classic Preset

With the Lushify preset downloaded, click on the Develop tab. You’ll find it in the upper right corner of your Lightroom Classic screen.

Once you click Develop, look on the left side. You’ll see the Presets dropdown menu. Just to the right of the Presets header, click on the + icon. Then, choose Import Presets.

Caption: Go to Develop, then click on the + icon on the Presets panel.

Browse to the downloaded preset file. Click it, then choose Import. You’ll see it right at the top of the Presets panel, in the User Presets group.

Caption: Your downloaded free presets will appear in the User Presets group.

Step 4. Apply Your Lightroom Classic Preset Free

You’re now ready to start using your preset! To do that, find an image in your Lightroom catalog. Click to open it, and you will see it previewed in the center of your Lightroom screen.

Caption: Hover over your new preset to preview it on your photos. Click if you want to apply it!

To apply your free preset Lightroom 2024, hover over its title in the User Presets group. Watch as it previews on your image! To apply it, simply click once. It’s as simple as that.

As you can see, downloading our free Lightroom Classic presets is amazingly easy! This way, you can transform every mundane photo into something magical in moments.