Lushify - Free Lightroom Preset

Let’s face it: often, your landscape shots don’t look as good as the spectacular nature scenes you remember. And that’s okay! No camera sensor is a true match for the human eye and sense of perspective and space. Fortunately, they don’t have to be. The best landscape presets for Lightroom fill this void effortlessly.

Lushify is a powerful example free for Lightroom. This one focuses on strengthening and brightening the colors you’ve already captured! It’s a perfect choice for ocean scenes like the one pictured. And, it’s right at home with autumn landscapes full of colorful leaves. Essentially, this one enhances every color in your photos to forever capture the gorgeous landscapes you’ll always remember.

When you turn to the best landscape presets for Lightroom, you’re never selling yourself short as a photographer. Remember: your equipment has limitations. Post-processing and editing helps you craft images true to the stunning scenes they’ve captured. These tools are your best friend as you grow into a world-class photographic artist.