Green Hills - Free Lightroom Preset

Free Landscape Preset

Picture this: you stumble upon the perfect photo opportunity. There’s a stunning scene right in front of you, and you want to capture it. But when you look at what your camera is capturing, there’s something that’s just not right. The photos you’re taking don’t look like the scene you’re experiencing.

Hey, not to worry. Lightroom landscape presets like this are your best friend. This Green Hills preset really makes colors pop in your landscape pics. Find that colors look a little flat? Want a bit more contrast? Apply this preset and get ready to be wowed by your own photos.

Let’s be real. What Lightroom landscape presets do is help you correct photos later. After all, you can’t grab a perfect shot every single time! Focus on framing and composition first, and let the Green Hills preset work on the colors for you later. Then, go ahead and start imagining your photos framed and ready to share with the world!