Your Old TV

Transport yourself back to the days of vintage televisions with Your Old TV, a high-contrast Lightroom preset that remodels your photographs with the classic charm of black and white TV screens. This unique preset is freely available and serves to deliver the nostalgic sensation of past times to your modern images.

"Your Old TV" delivers a strong contrast reminiscent of the old cathode ray tube displays, slicing through the nuances of gray to present stark differences between light and dark. It adds grain and fine-tunes the luminance of whites and blacks, exemplifying the visual drama of an age gone by. Each shot is transformed into a distinctive monochromatic masterpiece, reflecting the simplicity and directness of early black and white programming.

By employing this free Lightroom preset, your photos will capture the raw emotion and textured storytelling that only vintage black and white imagery can convey. No matter if it’s a bustling cityscape or an intimate portrait, "Your Old TV" sets a scene that is both dynamic and engaging, ensuring your images stand out with timeless presence.