Shadowze - Free Lightroom Preset

Think that colors are the only thing that matters in photos? Think again! The true heart of any amazing photo is the subject. That’s especially true in a portrait setting. With a human subject, you want to capture personality, without background distractions to take away from the true meaning of the image.

When editing black and white portraits in Lightroom, keep shadows in mind. Darkening them boosts contrasts, while lighter shadows serve up a brighter, airy look. The latter gives a sense of freshness and optimism to any portrait photo, especially those in black and white. This way, the stars of each photo will shine without a distracting background to grab the viewer’s eye.

Shadowze is a powerful LR preset that you should use while you’re editing black and white portraits in Lightroom. It flattens out color photos by seamlessly adjusting their shadows. You’ll dig this one as a baseline to make eye-popping B&W portrait shots with just a click or two.