Bask in the glow of the great outdoors with Merigold, a warming landscape Lightroom preset that casts an inviting golden light across your scenes. Freely available, Marigold adds a touch of sunlit charm to your images, reminiscent of the golden hour's soft radiance.

Imbued with the namesake's warmth, this preset subtly enhances yellows and oranges, bringing out the natural brilliance of the landscape. From the earthy foreground to the expansive sky, every element receives a warm embrace, enriching the scene with a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Marigold is the quintessential tool for photographers wanting to convey the warmth of a summer day or the rich tones of an autumn afternoon in their imagery. This free Lightroom preset is perfect for heightening the natural allure of any landscape, infusing each shot with the nostalgic feel of a seasoned photograph.