Unleash the vibrant spirit of the great outdoors with Goldrush, a one-click Lightroom preset intended for landscape or natural surroundings, especially well-suited to earthy and western-themed images. Free to use, Goldrush elevates your images, accentuating color intensity like never before.

Goldrush transforms your photos, in a single click, into visually striking masterpieces. It accentuates warm tones, amping up the color intensity, providing a rich, golden hue to the image and making your brown and earthy tones pop. The result is landscapes that look like they've been borrowed from a classic western film or a desolate yet captivating desert scene.

Whether it's a rugged canyon or a sun-kissed prairie, this free Lightroom preset breathes life into each frame, ensuring every detail stands out with a bold, earthy character. With Goldrush, give your photographs the raw, captivating allure of untamed nature.