Contrast Noir - Free Lightroom Preset

Timeless, elegant styles. Stunning grayscale portraits with spectacular visuals. High contrast black and white Lightroom presets serve up all of this and more. Contrast Noir is a powerful example of the genre, and it’s yours to download for free. 

Don’t shoot photos in black and white – it limits your creative powers later on! Instead, lean on Contrast Noir to transform every mundane snapshot into an eye-catching black-and-white portrait. It only takes a click! This one ramps up the contrast and makes every detail stand out. If you’ve ever been inspired by gorgeous black-and-white photos in a gallery, you’re about to become a creator, not just a consumer.

High contrast black and white Lightroom presets truly transform an image. Notice that this one focuses specifically on highlights and shadows. Details that might fade away in a colorful shot absolutely fly off the screen or page with this sleek preset that never, ever goes out of style.